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Email marketing is an effective, inexpensive way to reach many different groups of people. Email marketing allows you to customize and personalize your message to appeal to multiple customer bases. Staying in contact through email is a good way to remind your customers of your products/services. After you send out your email, track and monitor your performance through various reports such as open rate and click rate.

What can you use Email Marketing for:

  • Monthly/Yearly Newsletters
  • Company News/Information
  • Coupons, Promotions, and Events
  • Relevant Member List Information

We can create and send out an email campaign that is custom to your business and create an opt-in sign up form on your website so viewers can easily sign up for the emails they are interested in.

Email Marketing FAQ

How do I grow my email list?

There are a couple ways to grow your email marketing lists. Adding a sign up form on your website will encourage your target audience to willingly give you their email. If your business has a physical location you can add a sign up sheet in a general location so all visitors can easily write down their email.

It is important that you never buy email lists. This hurts your email deliverability and your IP gets marked as spam, hurting your online reputation.

What is CAN-SPAM?

The CAN-SPAM act of 2003 establishes rules for commercial emailing – such as advertisements or promotions – and gives recipients the right to back out from such emails. Penalties can incur if the rules are not followed.

You must:

  • Include a physical address in every email sent out
  • Include a way for subscribers to opt-out of your emails
  • Use a clear “From”, “To”, and “Reply-To” to reflect your business and the email you’re sending out

We make sure all CAN-SPAM rules are followed and that you do not violate the law in any way.

What happens if a person wants to be removed from my mailing list?

Anyone who wants to unsubscribe from your email list can easily do so. All they have to do is follow the unsubscribe directions at the bottom of each email.